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Department Staff

Chief Operator:

Micheal Spencer - Class 3 Water Operator

Water Clerk:

Linda Cowell - Accounting Clerk

Treatment Plant Operators:

Hunter Frame - Class 2 Water Operator

Timmy Ellison - Class 1 Water Operator

Jack Tinney - Class 2 Water Operator

Distribution Crew:

Steve Elliot - Field Supervisor

Jarod Rodrigez - Water & Sewer Maintenance Technician

Ben Casto - Water & Sewer Maintenance Technician 

Contact Information

Water Department Phone Numbers

Accounts/Billing - (304) 846-2596, Ext. 1001

Department Offices:
Main Line (304) 846-2596

Water Maintenance/Chief Operators Office Ext. 1005

Water Treatment Plant Ext.1006

Direct Lines: 

Chief Operators Office - (304) 846-2624

Water Treatment Plant - (304) 846-2611


CALL (304) 872-4911

Tell the Dispatcher

  1. What you are calling for (If for a Main Line leak give the detailed location of the leak you are reporting)​

  2. Your Address & Call Back Number

Welcome to Richwood Water Department.

We know how important water is to your daily life. It’s somehow involved in everything you do, everything you use and when you need it, you expect it to be there and you expect it to be clean and safe.

Our water treatment plant, located in downtown Richwood next to the JH Meadows Municipal Complex, produces over 1 Million Gallons of water a day and is pulled from the North Fork of the Cherry River and treated to supply our customers in the Richwood, Fenwick, and Holcomb areas with potable drinking water. We also sell water to Fenwick Mountain PSD for distribution to their customers. 


We are working with closely with Region 4 so that we may soon add Hinkle Mountain and Little Laurel through the Hinkle Mountain/Little Laurel Project

Drinking water violation 2022001.jpg


Drinking water violation 2022002.jpg


DEP No Significant Impact findings Sanit
Drinking water violation 2022001.jpg

Let's Work Together

The Richwood Water Department wants to work with all city residents and property owners to ensure the best possible service(s) and support for everyone. 

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