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Exclusive Services

The City of Richwood has multiple departments that work daily to provide services that help ensure all residents and visitors can lead a safe and fulfilling life without worry about the essential services the city provides. 

The Richwood Water Department provides water and sewerage services to all property owners and tenants within the Richwood City limits as well as the outlying areas surrounding city limits. 
Check this page to find information regarding these services.


The Richwood Street Department maintains all paved and unpaved city roads as well as works to maintain all city parks and other city owned properties and structures. 


The Richwood Sanitation Department works daily to ensure that all refuse and garbage is collected and removed from city limits to help provide a clean and safe environment for all residents and visitors. 

Please call Richwood City Hall to find out more about your garbage collection day, rates, and what can and can't be collected. 


The Richwood Police Department works diligently to ensure that all residents and visitors can lead safely and without fear of violence or negligence. 


Let's Work Together

All City of Richwood departments work to create the best possible community for all residents and visitors. 
Help us keep Richwood clean and friendly. 

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